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Mountain Lake Club's 
'dam spillway'
In the distance, past the blue bridgeworks, you can see water rushing over the all-important dam spillway. Not only the spillway, but also the earthen dam itself is owned by MLC. Lakeside Drive, a state-maintained causeway, tops the dam. A fine example of engineering and construction, the spillway is 86 feet high with an outfall pipe 16 inches thick, 42 inches in diameter and 300 feet long. In 2011, the pipe was declared "in remarkably good condition, requiring only minor repairs that should last indefinitely," according to Randall Brooks of T. Luckey Sons Inc., a prominent Ohio support restoration company that plugged major leaks ruining the White House where FDR had his swimming pool and Thomas Jefferson kept his wine cellar. The spillway carries the lake's overflow down to a waterfall into a small holding pond. From there, the water collects in Furnace Run stream and out to the Shenandoah River. Furnace Run is famous among fly fishermen for drum and smallmouth bass (use minnows) and the black bullhead (catch with crayfish).  

Warning Sign near MLC's dam spillway cautions boaters to stay away from the edge's steep drop to the cement below.The Shenandoah River drains an area of about three thousand square miles. The North Fork and South Fork of the Shenandoah River begin in the Appalachian Mountains and join at Front Royal, Virginia. From Front Royal this beautiful Shenandoah River travels to Harpers Ferry. It ends as the water merges with and becomes the Potomac River.
- Ruby Browning, Shannondale & Beyond
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