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     The 70 acre resort with the perfect 55 acre lake
The primary source of MLC'S 55-acre lake is cool, clear mountain streams.The lake is 80-feet deep in places and boasts great fishing ~ a while back, a member caught a yellow perch 14-3/4 inches long and claims it's a WV record! He was in a Bass boat using spinnerbait. In just one day, another member caught two largemouth bass, one weighing 7 lb 13 oz and the other 7 lb 7 oz.  Largemouth bass and catfish as big as Cadillacs lurk in the deep waters; catch with minnows, night crawlers, crayfish, spinnerbaits, jigs, soft plastic and most top water lures. Crappie is abundant; favorite baits are minnows, jigs and minnow-imitating lures.Best bait for trout includes live minnows, night crawlers, jigs, minnow-imitating crank baits and spinners. FISHING IS CATCH & RELEASE (see guidelines below). Fishermen agree: This is one of the best sport-fishing lakes in the entire region!
      So, let's go boating!  Let's go fishing!

Catch And Release

West Virginia Department of Natural Resources Guidelines For Anglers

Land Fish Quickly, Avoiding Damage To Slime Coating!

  1. Grasp fish by lower jaw only, holding them vertically. Support large fish with a wet hand under the belly.
  2. Use soft, knotless nylon or rubber landing nets.
  3. DO NOT allow fish to touch boat carpet and rub off protective slime.
  4. Remove hooks quickly with as little tissue damage as possible.
  5. Remove deep hooks carefully. When attempts fail, cut line five or six inches above the hook. This will allow fish to feed effectively once released.
  6. Don't keep fish out of water longer than you can hold your breath.
  7. Release fish as soon as possible.

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