1329 Lakeside Drive, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia ... 240.731.1349


Visible through spray from a fire truck are
the stone arches and chimneys of the
historic Ruins ...the Beach and Lake House
can be seen at far right.

Originally built in the 1950s-1960s by Charles M. Johnson, the real estate developer who built the dam and earthen causeway that created the lake, Mountain Lake Club was initially known as “Shannondale Club” because it is located in the historic Shannondale community. 

Wikepedia describes it thus: "Originally conceived as a respite from the city to be used in the Spring and Summer by urbanites occupying vacation cottages, Shannondale is nestled between the Shenandoah River and the Appalachian Trail on the western slope of the Blue Ridge Mountain. The name Shannondale first appears in public records in January 1740. It referred to a 29,120-acre (118 km) parcel conveyed by Lord Thomas Fairfax to his nephew William Fairfax which contained the once world renowned spa and resort, Shannondale Springs."

The original developer realized the potential of the mountain above Shannondale Springs as a retreat for residents of the Baltimore and Washington area., and sought to  protect the fragile private lake he built by limiting access to those willing to help cover taxes and dam maintenance by paying for the privilege of boating and fishing the glorious blue lake. The resort's owners since then, including the club members who eventually bought the properties from Shannondale Inc., as well as its third and current owner, Lakeland Properties LLC, which purchased their interests in 2000, have continued the tradition of selling Lake Use Memberships. 
While Lake Use Memberships have helped provide a tranquil and safe setting for family enjoyment, and prevented “fish out” (often the fate of rural lakes), the rest of the 70 acres is open to the public. At Mountain Lake Club, you can tan on the beach, swim in the lake, rent a boat, cruise the lake, find a lawn chair and savor the peace and quiet ~ AND then come into the Lake House and order  delicious food, enjoy a glass of wine or bottle of beer ~ all while enjoying spectacular views! No dues ... no cover charge ... it's all open to the public!
Most recently, Lakeland Properties renovated the Lake House and turned the spacious grounds into elegant gardens. For decades, MLC has been a prime destination resort and important West Virginia landmark. The lake and the dam were superbly designed by the Army Corps of Engineers and are considered stellar examples of that unique "art" throughout the nation. Many who see the lake and the grounds for the first time say "It's Paradise!"

We would like the opportunity to welcome you to Mountain Lake Club. Call 240.731.1349 for an appointment and/or to reserve a time for your fishing day, or your site for an event.
The Lake, the Point and its parking lot, the Lake House area, the Beach, Tennis Courts, parking lots, the Ruins of the Lodge, etc. are all private properties and not publicly owned.
        COMMUNITY ORIENTED:The "Point" is a site that the lake owner makes exclusively available for use in emergencies. Helicopter rescues, from heart attack victims to kids crashing their bikes, are the purpose of keeping the Point clear of vehicles and people other than members. The Blue Ridge Mountain Volunteer Fire Department flies helicopters to the Point and transports victims to local hospitals, and uses the water in the lake at the Point for practice sessions with new volunteers. The fire truck pictured at the top of this page is a shiny, brand new, state of the art rescue vehicle.


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